Terms of Service - Atelier-Shiori/malupdaterosx-cocoa Wiki

This is the terms of service when using the default API server.

Limits on Usage You may use the Unofficial MAL API server (malapi.ateliershiori.moe) freely with official builds of MAL Updater OS X and MAL Library without restrictions. You may not use this API server if you self-compiled versions. If you are caught using the official API server on an unofficial copy, a cease and desist will be sent.

You can check the code signature using the terminal (codesign -dv --verbose=4 /Applications/MAL\ Updater\ OS\ X.app). The authority must match thee following: Developer ID Application: James Moy (9HDZTER525) or Apple Mac OS Application Signing (from the Mac App Store)

Usage of Account Data The Unofficial MAL API server does not store user credentials. Account information is only used to retrieve data from MyAnimeList in a usable format that the application can use and perform update operations.

Other Application Access to the MAL API server While access to the server for other uses besides official copies of MAL Updater OS X and MAL Library, you may use the MAL API server for a yearly fee. The fee is used to upkeep the server. Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.