Plex Media Server Detection - Atelier-Shiori/malupdaterosx-cocoa Wiki

Starting in 2.3.6, Hachidori supports detection with Plex Media Server. This means you can detect media from all clients (Plex Home Theater, Plex Web and Plex Media Player) without having to turn off the Plex Agent. The program will retrieve the metadata of the playing video file to get the source file name used for detection.

You must login with your Plex account before you can detect from Plex Media Server. Once you log in, Hachidori will save the token to the Keychain.

Here are the settings:

Not detecting anything?

MAL Updater OS X will only detect sessions where the video is playing. Since a user can have multiple sessions, it will only take the one that is currently playing a video file.

Also make sure you have done the following: