Offline Queuing - Atelier-Shiori/malupdaterosx-cocoa Wiki

When you are offline, MAL Updater OS X can store information of the playing file. Once you are online again, MAL Updater OS X will automatically update all the pending scrobbles before updating the title of the currently playing episode.

This information applies for MAL Updater OS X 2.3.

Note: If you have update or title confirmation turned on, you must confirm the update before MAL Updater OS X continues on with other titles in the queue and then the currently playing title. Once you confirm the title, MAL Updater OS X will perform the scrobble and if any more titles in the queue, continue to update other items in the queue.

Offline Queue Window

In this window, you can view updates that are pending and the status. Also, you can clean the offline queue in this window.