Correction Exception Help - Atelier-Shiori/malupdaterosx-cocoa Wiki

While MAL Updater OS X will detect most titles correctly most of the time, there may be cases where titles are not properly detected. To alleviate this, a feature has been added to correct incorrect updates or add titles to the exception list. Detected titles (from media player or stream), Corrected Titles and the associated ID will be stored in the program's preferences file.


If you feel that the program updated the incorrect title on the list, you can correct this by either clicking the Correct toolbar icon or Last Scrobbled Title > Correct Title

You will be presented with this window. Pick the correct title from the list or do another search. Press OK once you select the right title. Note that corrections are not reversible once they are done.

Also, you can choose to delete the incorrect title from the list on correction if you know it's incorrect. If it updates a title that is on your list already and not the right title to update, uncheck this opinion. Once done, it will create an exception rule so that Hachidori will update the right file for the title it detects. This can be managed in Preferences.

Exception Preferences

Anime Title Exceptions

This tab allows you to override the detected title with the correct title without having to rename it so that MAL Updater OS X can properly update titles. Since there is no capabilities to check synonyms yet due to Unofficial MAL API limitations, you may have to add an exception to the list. Also, irregularly named filenames by some fansub groups can prevent the scrobbler from detecting the correct title.

Note that you can change the detected title, but you should leave this alone and have the program handle it.

In 2.2.1, you can specify offsets and episode thresholds. The offset is the amount of episodes that will be subtracted to get the correct episode number. The threshold indicates the maximum episode number the rule will apply after the offset has been subtracted. This makes it possible for MAL Updater OS X to update shows that have split seasons.

If the offset and/or threshold is set to zero, the scrobbler will ignore it and apply the rule anyway. However, you won't need to mess with the threshold if you add or correct a title since MAL Updater OS X will do this automatically.

Other options

Ignore Directories

This option allows you to add directories you don't want MAL Updater OS X update titles for. You should use this if you are playing video files stored in folders that are not Anime related.

Ignore Filenames

This option allows you to create rules to ignore certain file names. You can use Regular Expressions supported by the Oniguruma Regular Expression engine.