Advanced Options - Atelier-Shiori/malupdaterosx-cocoa Wiki

This page explains the Advanced Options, which is meant only for people who know what they are doing.

Kodi/Plex Theater JSON RPC Detection (2.2.5 or later)

When enabled, this option allows MAL Updater OS X detect what Kodi/Plex Theater is playing. To make it function, you must have HTTP JSON RPC enabled. This is enabled by default in Plex Theater, but not in Kodi. You can enable it by following these steps.

Note: Do not enable Basic Auth as it won't work with MAL Updater OS X.

Limitations: The title, season and episode name needs to be shown in the label. This is because MAL Updater OS X will use that information for Anitomy to parse the title, episode and season.

To work, you need to set the following:

API Settings (2.4 or earlier)

This allows you to specify a different Atarashii API URL. This is for advanced users only and you should not change these settings.