About AppleScript Support - Atelier-Shiori/malupdaterosx-cocoa Wiki

Starting in 2.2.7, MAL Updater OS X now have AppleScript scripting support. In short, it's possible to use currently playing information with other applications like IRC clients, twitter clients, and other third party applications.

MAL Updater OS X has three Applescript commands you can use. Here is all of these commands from the AppleScript scripting dictionary for MAL Updater OS X.

MAL Updater OS X Suite

getstatusv : Returns the currently playing status information.


→ text : Currently playing information in JSON. If there is nothing playing, it will return a blank array.



scrobblenowv : Tells MAL Updater OS X to perform an on demand scrobble.

toggleautoscrobblev : Tells MAL Updater OS X to toggle the auto scrobble state.