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Page to organize video captions and subtitles contributions

If you're interested in helping with this, check out on how you can use YouTube's captioning system to generate the corresponding *.sbv files.

Notice that they are plain text files, so you can also edit them with a regular editor. Getting the initial file with the correct timings for each caption is what I think YouTube's editor is very good at (editing text, perhaps not so much)

There are already files ready for review for every week (e.g.,, so if you're going to review/edit one of them, be sure to add yourself in the list below so we all know you're working on it and we don't duplicate effort.

If you have questions, feel free to ask in the #general channel in Slack.

Workload distribution

File name Editor Start Date Publish Date Reviewers
Lecture 1 Joe L. 3/25 Mahtab Sarvmaili
Practicum 1 Maryam Khakpour Sep 21 Sep 23
Lecture 2 Jake Browning
Practicum 2 Mehrdad Mohammadian Sep 23 Sep 28 Milad Nourizade
Lecture 3 zxul767 Sep 25 Mehrdad Mohammadian
Practicum 3 Milad Nourizade Sep 24 Sep 27
Lecture 4 ------------
Practicum 4 mvcaro Sept 20 Sept 24 xcastilla
Lecture 5 Amirreza Bagherzadeh Sept 24 Mahtab Sarvmaili
Practicum 5
Lecture 6 Saba Amiri Sep 20 Sep 20 Azadeh Hashemi
Practicum 6 Reza M.Yazdi
Lecture 7 Anis Farshian Sep 25 Sep 26 Mahtab Sarvmaili
Practicum 7
Lecture 8 Maryam Khakpour Sep 25 Sep 28 Mahtab Sarvmaili
Practicum 8 Maryam Khakpour Sep 25 Oct 01
Lecture 9 Saba Amiri Sep 22 Sep 22 Kiana Alikhademi
Practicum 9
Lecture 10 mvcaro Sept 24 Oct 5
Practicum 10 mvcaro Oct 5 Nov 15
Lecture 11 Fatemeh Faal Sept 25
Practicum 11
Lecture 12 Alireza Bayat Makou Sep 27 Sep 30 Mahtab Sarvmaili
Practicum 12 Alireza Bayat Makou Sep 28 Oct 1 Kiana Alikhademi
Lecture 13 Kiana Alikhademi Sept 29 Oct 2 Mahtab Sarvmaili
Practicum 13
Lecture 14 Kiana Alikhademi Oct 2 Oct 4

Terminology conventions


Term Explanation
actor critic Actor Critic
CNN Convolutional Neural Network
GAN generative adversarial networks
GPU Graphic Processing Unit
ReLU Rectified linear unit