K. Error Feedback from Power Response - Asymmetric-InfoSec/Power-Response Wiki

The Power-Response framework does a pretty good job of providing meaningful errors that tell you what the issue you are experiencing is and how to fix it, but once in awhile you will get the catch all error we have used in the framework. If this happens, it usually asks if you are running as admin, which hopefully you are running as a user that has privileges to collect data on remote machines.

That being said, utilize the Power-Response logs located in the Logs directory in the root of the repository for additional details.

If you experience and issue with Power-Response, get an error that is not clear or could be improved, please submit an issue to the repository and outline what the issue is and how it could be improved. Even better, submit a pull request and we will review and probably implement it.

This is a tool for the community, let us know what you think.