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FUE hair graft is the procedure for the restoration of hair. In a world where people are suffering from many diseases, baldness is also one of them. In baldness, the people inherit the baldness genes from their parents and exhibit the disease. This is a sex-limited disease. Mostly, males suffer the most. If the genotype of a male contains a single gene, then his phenotype will be bald. But if the female’s genotype is the same as the previous case, then she will not exhibit this phenotype. She will be bald only if she receives both genes. Since this disease is directly linked with the physical appearance of a person. Most people care about their looks more than anything, so they were worried about their physical look. Because of this reason, most people were becoming depressed and losing their self-confidence. Although it does not matter much to have a shaved scalp, some people are still uncomfortable with it. But modern treatment has resolved their problem. Nowadays, graft procedures are available which allow the person to restore their hair and enjoy their natural look. Hair transplant clinic Lahore Pakistan has been performing this state of the art technique for the last twenty-one years.

There are many transplants available, but the most famous one is FUE Hair Graft. The other grafts include the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Hybrid, Laser, Robotic or Neo-Graft. Before undergoing any procedure, the physician applies local anaesthesia to the scalp. Anaesthesia numbs the skull and if it is not applied, then the surgery will be very painful for the patient. Also, the surgeon thoroughly examines the patient if he has enough donor sites. In FUT, the physician cuts the strip from the donor site and then seals the incised area with stitches. The physician then implants the strip to the recipient area. In Laser surgery, the physician extracts the follicles from the donor site, separates them under the microscope, and then using the Laser beam makes tiny holes in the recipient site. In these tiny holes, the follicles are then grafted, and the procedure is completed. In Neograft treatment, the physician uses an instrument named a wand to extract the follicles. A vacuum is created and then follicles are extracted. Then at the recipient site, the micro-holes are made and then these follicles are implanted using the same vacuum creation method. This process is the same as the follicles are not damaged and there is no injury to the scalp nerves.

In FUE Hair Graft, the physician extracts the follicles from the donor area. The surgeon then preserves these follicles and then separates them under the microscope. In the next step, the surgeon uses the microneedles and makes tiny holes in the recipient site. Then these separated pieces are grafted into tiny holes. The physician advises the patient to take some precautionary measures before and after the treatment. He should avoid alcohol or smoking. Smoking could cause the blockage of blood supply to the newly grafted follicles and alcohol may cause bleeding problems. Blood thinner drugs should not be used. The scalp should be cleaned with the recommended shampoo. Direct exposure of sunlight to the operated site for a few days should be avoided. Touching or using the hats or caps immediately after surgery is not recommended. Similarly, the patient can take light exercise. However, he may avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks after surgery. The transplanted hair usually falls 4 to 6 months after surgery, but this is a normal process. The fresh growth occurs from the follicles. However, after the FUE hair graft, some mild itching or swelling problems reported. The surgery usually completes in a single session. However, it may be completed in multiple sessions. This depends upon the number of factors like the number of grafts to be moved from one place. In a single session of surgery, the number of grafts to be moved is usually 2000 to 3000. The cost of treatment also depends on many factors. A clinic that is in a place where there are fewer clinics charges more. Also, this largely depends on the skill and experience of the doctor. An experienced and skilled doctor charges more than an inexperienced doctor. The cost ranges from$4000 to $15000 per session. In multiple session treatment, the cost may reach up to $50000 for the treatment. However, the newly grafted follicles do not remain for a lifetime and the person may require over one treatment in his life.