Second Meeting - Arquisoft/wiq_en1b GitHub Wiki




  • Lucía Ruiz Núñez
  • Mario Junquera Rojas
  • Jorge Cano Martinez
  • Laura Gómez Menéndez
  • Ahmet Erdem Yabaci
  • Daniel Sinne Argüelles


Documentation assignation

  • Creating an issue per section in the documentation and use the kanban to keep track of the documentation process

Review state from past meetings

  • All members have reviewed React and Wikidata in order to discuss their uses

Decisions taken

Technologies chosen at this stage:

  • Database: Oracle Cloud
  • Frontend: React and SCSS technology
  • Backend: Java and Spring
  • Question generation through Java's Library WDTK
  • Server deployment with Azure or AWS as a second option

Teams (of 2 people):

  • Frontend team: Laura and Lucía
  • Wikidata question creation: Jorge and Ahmet
  • Database team: Daniel and Mario

Optional requirements that we have interest in doing:

  • Internationalization
  • Mobile version