Resources - ArbaazPatwari/Coding-Projects Wiki

A useful list of coding resources that I use


  • W3Schools - Great for learning programming languages and reading their documentation.

MDN Web Docs

  • MDN Web Docs - Great for learning web technologies with numerous examples and instructions.

GitHub Docs

  • GitHub Docs - Great for reading about GitHub features and various information.

Stack Overflow

  • Stack Overflow - Forum site that aids in code debugging and improvement.


  • freeCodeCamp - Online courses to teach you about web development, machine learning, databases.

YouTube Channels

  • Kevin Powell - HTML and CSS tutorials for web development.
  • Mike Dane - Various programming tutorials including Python and PHP.
  • Amigoscode - Various programming tutorials including Java and Spring Boot.
  • freeCodeCamp - Large library of programming tutorials including frontend, backend, frameworks and practices.

Google Resources

  • Hex Color Picker - Useful color picking tool that can also provide you with HSL and RGB values for a color.
  • Fonts and Icons - Library of web fonts and icons that can be imported or downloaded.

Font Maker

Game Assets

  • - Website that offers games, game assets, tools.