Stopping Macros - Anxietie/Movement-Macros GitHub Wiki

Stopping macros is of the macro type "stop" or "stop_all" (if the type is stop_all, there is no id field). This field must specify delay and id. Like the name suggests, stop_all will stop every running input and effectively stop the running macro.

ID's of the PARENT macro take precedence. For example, if a macro gets ran from an event, the macro that called that event is the parent macro. The ID's of the inputs in the parent macro will overwrite the ID's of the child macro (the one ran from the event). See this example.

The ID of a stop input MUST match the ID of the desired movement macro to stop.

JSON Format:

"inputs": [
  "...": "...",
    "macro_type": "<stop|stop_all>",
    "delay": <delay in ticks>,
    "id": <id of input to stop>