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Movement inputs are of the macro type movement and include jumping, any WASD input, sneaking, and sprinting. Every movement input must specify movement_type, press_type1, delay, and duration. However, there are optional fields.

Inputs can be ran in parallel with other inputs (i.e. left and forward can be held at the same time). Knowing how to chain multiple movement inputs together can be very powerful.

JSON Format:

"inputs": [
  "...": "...",
    "macro_type": "movement",
    "movement_type": "<left|right|forward|back|jump|sneak|sprint>",
    "press_type": "<tap|hold_duration|hold>",
    "delay": <delay in ticks>,
    "duration": <duration in ticks>

Optional Fields:

  • "id": <unique integer> specifies the id of the input which is used to stop the input if it is running

[1] Duration will be ignored if the press type is tap or hold. Having the press type set to tap will tap the input for less than a tick; it does not hold the input for 1 tick.

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