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The BashPass configuration file can be found at ~/.config/bashpass/bashpass.conf. In this file, you can make several changes such as the email address, default location where passwords are stored, and other settings. The default configuration file is shown below.

version: 3.0
location: .local/share/bashpass
timer: 10
length: 14

Configuring the Location where Passwords are Stored

By default, BashPass stores passwords in the directory ~/.local/share/bashpass/. If you want to change the location, you need to modify the following line in the config file:

location: .local/share/bashpass

Example: To store passwords in .bashpass/passwords/, update the line to:

Note: The new location must be within your home (~) directory.

location: .bashpass/passwords/

Configuring the Email Address

It is not recommended to change the email address. However, if you need to, update the following line in the config file:

email: [email protected]

Example: To update the email address to [email protected], update the line to:

Note: After updating the email address, you need to generate a new GPG key. You will also be unable to read your passwords that were stored with the old email address.

email: [email protected]

Configuring the Clipboard Timer

By default, the timer for copying passwords is set to 10 seconds. This timer is the duration you have to paste the password that you copied using the copy option. You can modify the duration of the timer in the config file by editing the following line:

timer: 10

Example: To update the timer to 15 seconds, update the line to:

timer: 15

Configuring the Default Password Length

The default length for all randomly generated passwords is 14 characters if no specific length is given when prompted (since version: 2.0). You can change this length to as many characters as you want by editing the following line in the config file:

length: 14

Example: To update the default password length to 25 characters, update the line to:

length: 25

Configuring the Git Repository URL

If you want to use the synchronize functionality, you need to configure a URL that BashPass will use to push to the remote Git repository. You can configure this by adding the following line to your config file:


Example: To use AntonVanAssche/BashPass as the remote repository, update the line to:

gitRepo: [email protected]:AntonVanAssche/BashPass.git

Note: It is recommended to use the SSH option as shown above.