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⚠️The feature described in this page is not yet in any current release.

Every time the progress bar catches a blue or a yellow segment in NoxUI 10.II or above, there is a 5% chance for a random effect to be applied on the progress bar. The effects are:

  1. Invisibility: Upon applying this effect, the progress bar, its segments and the mouse cursor become invisible for 12 seconds. The cursor becomes visible when pausing the game or in TES.
  2. Teleportation: Every 2.4 seconds, the progress bar will try to teleport to random coordinates if the level is active and there are no red segments on the screen. Teleportation's timer stops if paused. However, teleportation's timer ticks as normal otherwise, regardless of any red segments. Lasts for 18 seconds.
  3. Keyboard controls: If this effect is active, the progress bar can only be controlled using arrow keys on the keyboard. Lasts the least amount of time comparing to other effects, only 9 seconds.


Version Description
v0.3-beta1 Effects added.
v0.3-beta2 Effect durations changed.