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To assign permissions to players you must install a permissions plugin, like Luckperms. Below you find a list of permissions that you can assign to players or their permission groups. Please note that if a player has /op, they will have all permissions.

Player Permissions

These permissions are safe to set for your players.

Numbered Permissions


  • Replace <number> with an actual number. Example: fasterfurnaces.furnaces.<number> -> fasterfurnaces.furnaces.5

Numbered Permission Nodes

Example: fasterfurnaces.furnaces.5
Description: Allow players to place a specific amount of furnaces.

Command Permissions

Commands wiki page:


The following permissions limit all teleportation initiated by FasterFurnaces. Players have them by default. However, in some cases the teleportation is initiated by executing a command. In such case they need the permission to use the command as well. You don't need to explicitly set them.

Disabling Teleportation

If you want to disable a teleportation you need to unset the permission in your permissions plugin. Example for LuckPerms: /luckperms group default permission set fasterfurnaces.teleport.furnace false The value false is important here.

Teleportation Permissions

Description: Allow teleportation placed furnaces.
Note: This permission is set by default.

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