Commands - Angeschossen/FasterFurnaces GitHub Wiki

Description: Open the menu.

/fasterfurnaces help [page]
Description: Display command usages of FasterFurnaces.

/fasterfurnaces get <type> [amount]
Permission: fasterfurnaces.command.get
Description: Get a furnace.

/fasterfurnaces list
Permission: fasterfurnaces.command.list
Description: View all placed furnaces.

/fasterfurnaces confirmtp
Permission: none
Description: Confirm an unsafe teleportation destination.

Administrator Commands

/fasterfurnaces list [player]
Permission: fasterfurnaces.admin.command.list
Description: View all placed furnaces of other players.

/fasterfurnaces admin reload
Permission: fasterfurnaces.admin.command.reload
Description: Reload configuration. Please note that changes to furnaces.yml are excluded from this and require a server reboot.

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