Create a simple template - AlignedCookie88/McDFPy GitHub Wiki

By following this guide you will be able to create a template that displays a join message.

from mcdfpy.template import Template # Import the Template class
from mcdfpy.blocks import PlayerEvent_Join, PlayerAction_SendMessage # Import the classes for Player Event > Join and Player Action > SendMessage
from mcdfpy.variables import TextVariable # Import the class for a text item

template = Template("Simple Join Message") # Create a template with the name "Simple Join Message"

    PlayerEvent_Join() # Add a join event to the template
        TextVariable(name="&8[&2+&8] &a%default") # Create a text and add it to the SendMessage's chest
    ) # Add the SendMessage to the template

Well done! You have successfully created a template. To import it to DiamondFire, see the page on the Recode Item API Interface.