Using Replay Recordings for Moderation - Alderon-Games/pot-community-servers GitHub Wiki

NOTE: The Replay Tool is not released yet.

You can use Replay Recordings to help moderate your server. If a player claims they were unfairly killed, saw a rulebreaker, or otherwise wants to report something, you can ask them for Replay Recording evidence. Replays will record the gameplay of all players within render distance of the player recording the replay. It will show nametags, growth stages, grouped players, and more. With this information, you can make judgements on player behaviour without needing active moderators to watch all the time.

Alternatively, you can turn on server replay recording to record everything that happens on your server.

Adding Replay Recordings

When you are provided with a .replay file, you must put the file at the following location: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\PathOfTitans\Saved\Demos

Then, you must restart you game for the new replays to be visible.

Item Description
Date Time the replay was recorded at (Note: this will be the local user's time on their device)
Auto-Recorded Whether or not the replay was recorded automatically or manually started by the player.

Note: If the metadata of the replay is empty, it means you were only provided the .replay file. This is still a valid recording, but you will have to view the replay to see more information about it.


Viewing Replay Recordings

Once you are provided with a Replay Recording, view the replay to see the relevant gameplay. Be sure to jump to the user in question.


Server Side Replays

You can enable server side auto recording to help with moderation of a server.

This needs to be enabled before the server boots up to take effect.

It will stop recording on server shutdown and the recording will be saved in the server folder .\Saved\Demos\[MapName][Time].replay

To do this there are currently two methods

Config Editing method

Inside the server configuration Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini add these lines


This will enable server automatic replay recording next time the server is booted up

In-Game Chat Command method

You can join the server and use /ServerAutoRecord 1 to enable this next time the server is rebooted.

  • Note you require admin permissions to use this command.

To disable this feature, login to the server and use /ServerAutoRecord 0

Or delete the configuration bHandleDedicatedServerReplays = True in Game.ini

Or set it to false like this

  • In the case of a server crash, the replay will be buffered up to a certain point, as the game saves it frequently. Some footage could be lost. As another caveat, in the case of a server crash, the replay could be missing the time and simply be called [MapName].replay