Usage Guide - Albacusphetical/multi-transpose GitHub Wiki

How to use?

First, set your keybinds, your transpose up and down keys must match the way you transpose where you play.

The rest is up to preference, e.g. I might prefer to use tab for next transpose but you may find something more comfortable.

Here is a example below which demonstrates how it's used.

Example: Bach's Endlessly Modulating Canon

Copy these transposes "-2 -7 -5 -3 -1 1 3" and paste them in.

You should see -2 as the starting transpose in the app. You may spawn a monitor to see your transposes over what you're playing.

Your starting transpose and playing/actual transpose must match at first!

It only presses keys for you and can't track whats your playing/actual transpose!

Remember, you must have the window you are playing in, in focus, in order to transpose by using keybinds.

Besides the monitor, there is an auditory cue to help you not miss, which is enabled when the next/previous transpose keybind is used while playing. This can be disabled by pressing the speaker icon.


If you're interested in making multi-transpose sheets, I recommend checking out this converter:

You can copy the transposes by using this button in the converter, which you can easily paste in to use or to share when making sheets.