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This is the list of(currently just graphics) addresses I found(and managed to identify at least a bit) using Crystaltile2 Reference for enemy and character names: Addresses are roughly 0x2CC00 after JP addresses

Address Description Additional Notes
00004000 Start of arm9.bin
0000C8A9 alignment when drawing scaled and rotated sprites 00=don't draw; 01=left align; 02=center align; 03=additive left align; 04=additive center align;
0000F0F8 what should happen if player is paralyzed twice in a row 00=die; 5B=normal; 80=crash?; FF=receive knock back;
00014EA4 universal scale divider of 3d models(00 makes 3d models not display)
00016118 something to do with "Continue" option in title screen
0001F785 something to do with item count in pause menu's items screen
00093400 Start of arm9 overlay table
00094400 Start of arm9 overlays
0014DE4B End of arm9 overlays
0014E000 Start of arm7.bin
00176800 Start of fnt.bin
00177A00 Start of fat.bin
00178A00 Start of banner.bin
00301450 boss explosions
00722A48 subscreen UI(GBA 4bpp)
00728688 subscreen "M.E.G.A. SYSTEM"
007F9E00 Start of face.bin(Mugshots, GBA 8bpp, 6x7 tiles)
007FA9E0 First mugshot
00863E00 ~ 864D48 Start of font_pal.bin(English Font, NDS 1bpp, 1x2 tiles)
00864E00 Start of g01.bin(Graphics, GBA 8bpp)
0086E720 Area G tileset?
00889458 Area G tileset2?
0088BBD8 Flames bg animation frame0
0088FC18 Flames bg animation frame1
00893C58 Flames bg animation frame2
00897C98 Flames bg animation frame3
0089BCD8 Flames bg animation frame4
008C2400 Start of g03.bin(Graphics, GBA 8bpp)
008D4F20 Flames bg animation frame0
008D8F60 Flames bg animation frame1
008DCFA0 Flames bg animation frame2
008E0FE0 Flames bg animation frame3
008E5020 Flames bg animation frame4
00936C00 Start of g_back_usa.bin(Save menu, GBA 8bpp)
0094CA00 Start of g_over_usa.bin(Game over, GBA 8bpp)
0094CA84 "Retry Mission"(unselected)
0094D504 "GAME OVER"
0094DEC4 "Retry Mission"(selected)
0094E704 "Abort M"(Abort Mission, selected)
0094EC44 "Abort M"(Abort Mission, unselected)
0094F184 "Abort Quest"(selected)
0094F944 "Abort Quest"(unselected)
00950084 "Continue From Save Point"(selected)
00950C84 "Continue From Save Point"(unselected)
00951904 "Exit Game" (selected)
00952084 "Retry Quest" (selected)
00952744 "Exit Game" (unselected)
00952DC4 "Retry Quest" (unselected)
00953644 Game over background
00B8E000 Start of j04.bin(Graphics, GBA 8bpp)
00BA2230 Meteor with tentacles???
00C1DC00 Start of k03.bin(Graphics, GBA 8bpp)
00C9F600 Start of l01.bin(Graphics, GBA 8bpp)
00CC00EC Slither Inc. Sphenalauncher spawner
00F09004 Start of obj_fnt.bin(Sprites&Background, mostly GBA 4bpp)
00F09818 [GBA 8bpp] Common Sprites, generic explosion
00F0C818 [GBA 8bpp] Dash effect
00F0DA18 [GBA 8bpp] entering water effect?
00F0E218 [GBA 8bpp] small dust effect?
00F0F318 [GBA 8bpp] emotion bubbles
00F0FB18 [GBA 8bpp] Mission icon(Giro Express logo)
00F11D18 [GBA 8bpp] Generic enemy/player projectile
00F1246C Common sprites 2?
00F13440 Model Z(boss) slashes
00F14394 Model Z(boss) projectiles
00F151E8 Eyeballoon
00F1815C Crickaleap
00F18FB0 Galleon Hunter
00F1D1F8 Presto Cannon
00F200EC Tornado Fencer
00F22140 Area K missile?
00F22E74 Area H smoke?
00F272F0 Mechadragon
00F2E6B0 Area E electric barrier wheel
00F310EC Background ship parts?
00F323A0 Chain Anchor
00F34028 Rayfly's containers
00F368F0 Galleon Sledder thrusters and projectiles
00F3A4B8 Bee Rockets
00F40814 Area-G Fire
00F448B0 Fly Chopper
00F45804 Smoke ball?
00F46958 Hivolt hands
00F4832C Hivolt attacks
00F4C300 Circles(???)
00F4D254 Tentalamia attacks(yellow tentacle and red tentacle)
00F4FD08 Tentalamia attacks(blue tentacle and Bora Bora)
00F510DC Tentalamia projectiles
00F52E10 Container(???)
00F53344 Elevator
00F54798 Launch pod?
00F584DC AREA text
00F5B55C Disk numbers/letters
00F5BA90 Omega projectiles?
00F5E98C Basic item set
00F5FD60 Protectos missile
00F60F34 Protectos explosions/bombs
00F67D88 Hover Cannon + projectiles
00F6A75C [GBA 8bpp] Rocks(?)
00F6B010 [GBA 8bpp] Rocks(?)2
00F6DB6C Mini Mettaur and Remettaur
00F6EB60 Pattrolaur
00F704B4 Warp Prism
00F73A30 Rock tile?
00F73BE4 witch doll
00F73E38 Pause menu graphics
00F75C54 Pause menu elements and weapons
00F77BB0 Marine General
00F807BC Revolver lobster enemy
00F84C58 Exploding hopper enemy
00F86D80 Valkyraffe
00F94C0C Model P first boss bomb
00F98050 Area-H train
00F9AD58 Popcornthrower enemy
00F9C9E0 Model L first boss part
00FA1D9C Bursting lava
00FAFD54 Big sphere
00FC76A8 Turret platform
00FC877C Underwater turret mgoon
00FCAD70 Model P second boss bomb
00FCCAE4 Maverick goon(rlauncher)
00FCEE8C Electric capsule enemy
00FCFF60 Turtle enemy
00FD2D28 Mouse enemy
00FD50DC Bat enemy
00FD72E4 [GBA 8bpp] "MEGA MAN"(title screen)
00FD944C Possibly title screen related
00FDBE0C Title screen menus
00FDE460 Title screen cursor
00FDEA14 Electric Dart carapace
00FE16E8 Electric Dart
00FE373C Galleon Wing
00FE4610 Lurerre missile
00FE4F64 Ladder
00FE5B38 Prometheus aura
00FE6878 Missile?
00FE7A98 Bomb?
00FE80F8 Prometheus spike rays
00FE8D38 Prometheus spikes(vertical)
00FE9AD8 Prometheus spikes(horizontal)
00FEA998 Prometheus spikes2(vertical)
00FEB458 Prometheus spikes2(horizontal)
00FEC318 Prometheus fire
00FEDBB0 Prometheus slashes
00FF0124 Orehawk
00FF46F8 Orehawk projectile?
00FF4C6C Steephinx
00FFA934 Diadrake
00FFDF88 Diadrake projectiles?
01009CD0 Serpent (2nd form)
0100B304 Model W Core
0101DD1C Chips
01014E04 Wheel enemy
0102A400 Circus lamp
0102E604 Circus toy grabber
01031604 Minigame diamond
0103E484 Guardian soldier
01043150 Serpent
010770D0 Model Fx bulletedit
0107AE04 save data text
0107E418 Model Zx(tripleslash)
01088F20 Model Hx enemy radar gfx
01089194 Biometel Model W
010A68F0 Model Fx bullet edittext
010A79E4 Pause menu selectable UI and health
010A99C8 X/Zx projectiles
010ABB08 Zx slashes
010C51B8 Hx slashes
010D88B0 Lx slashes
010F2578 Ox slashes
0110FD04 Model select Blogo
011104D4 Biometal
01112FF8 Vent
0112EA04 Aile
01149B44 Model X
0116C204 Model Zx
011A3624 Model Hx
011C0A04 Model Lx
011D3C04 Model Hx
01219C04 Model Lx(Part2)
012471EC Model Px
01267370 Px attack animations
01279C04 Model Ox
012BD604 Charge particles
012D9348 Model Z
012F2398 Model Z slashes
01326138 Lava goon
0135FA04 Maverick goon
01369804 Bee miniboss
01394458 Omega
013B41F8 Health bars
013C5404 Model P second Boss
013EC204 Traserver stuff
01413804 Model F first Boss
01445E04 Model H second Boss
0149C004 Giro
014A3A04 Prairie
014AAE04 Biometal Model X
014AE6F4 Carrelet
014AE954 Thon
014AEDF4 Congre
014AF574 Hareng
014AF814 Scombrésoce
014AFAB4 Truite
014B0414 Sardine
014B13F0 Fleuve
014B32B0 Serpent(1st form)(8x8 tiles)
014DB54C Leganchor's face
014E237C Prometheus(Boss)
014FB6F4 Heat Face
01502210 Lurrere's fish part
0150F004 Pandora
01514C04 Biometal Model Z+H
01518604 Biometal Model P+H
01574404 Pandora(Boss)
015B6004 Model Fx(ladder+shootup)
015C3404 Pandora projectiles
015C73C4 End of obj_fnt.bin