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  • a rated (life support) adjustable sling or daisy-chain needs to be attached to the bottom of the primary Jumar (hand ascender) for progress capture.

  • a foot loop or foot ladder should be also attached to the bottom of the jumar to make it easier to lift you weight up the rope.

  • For ascending you can one of the following configurations:

    • use 2 Jumars, the primary (upper) jumar is attached with a daisy-chain you can rest your weight (life) on it during progress capture.

      • You will still need a grigri for descent.
    • or 1 Jumar and a grigri (you can still switch feet during the same ascent). The grigri is the one doing the progress capture.


Two Jumars...

Jumaring Basics

How to Ascend a Fixed Line

How to Ascend a Rope (2 hand ascender, or grigri + 1 hand ascender)

Elderid Hand Ascender

image image image

Left Handled Ascender, 1124 lb, Blk/YLW

image image image

NewDoar UIAA & CE Certified Hand Ascender Rock Climbing Tree Arborist Rappelling Gear Equipment Rope Clamp for 8~12MM Rope

  • $82


NewDoar UIAA & CE Certified Hand Ascender

  • $66


S.E.PEAK Hand Ascender CE Certified Strong Rappelling

  • $34
  • 8~13MM Rope

image image image