Why AidanBot? (AidanBot Tutorial #1) - Aid0nModder/AidanBot GitHub Wiki

AidanBot is my joy and pride, one of my favorite creations, but I understand that he's not right for every server, here is a list of reason why you might want him in your server or most importantly why you might not want him in your server.

Reasons to use AidanBot

  1. Direct support: Being a regular Discord user I'm super chill and available, your likely to receive quick and direct support by using AidanBot.
  2. Preview features very early: As long as your in my server you can get access to new features really early, AidanBetaBot gets features sometimes months before the main bot, and getting early access means you get early say in changes to the command.
  3. No premium subscription: Aidanbot is free forever, every feature, every command. I have no real intensive to charge for his services as he runs for free.

Reasons to not use AidanBot

  1. Infrequent updates: I'm not a bot developer, my main focus is Mari0 mappacks and YouTube videos, while I do make updates they're not at all frequent.
  2. Below par performance: Bugs are often left unfixed for a while, commands can fail and data can get reset, it's just a consequence of how I run him. if your looking for a bot with good performance and upkeep look elsewhere.
  3. Lack of depth: A lot of features are nothing more than simple commands or gymicks.

At the end of the day, it's up to you if you want to use him or not, but keep in mind the pros and cons listed above.