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Question Of The Day is a system that allows users to submit questions and receive a random one each day.

Default questions

AidanBot comes preloaded with questions for when users run out.

- "What games would be your top recommendations?",
- "What games would you never recommend?",
- "What skill do you want to learn?",
- "What is the best month of the year?",
- "What is the best holiday?",
- "What website should more people know about?",
- "What is your favorite video game goal?",
- "What emoji describes you best?",
- "What do you hate doing but can't stop doing it",
- "What's your favorite food?",
- "What's your least favorite food?",
- "What's a food combination that seems odd, but you swear by?",
- "What's the best video game controller you've ever used?",
- "If you could have one superpower what would it be?",
- "If you were a millionaire, what would you do with the money?",
- "If laws didn't exist, what old laws would you break regularly?",
- "If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend that time?"
- "Do you have a morning routine?",
- "What's something small that makes you feel good?",
- "If you could say something and everyone on earth could hear it what would you say?"

Config values

  • qotd_channel: The channel that the question will be asked in each day.
  • qotd_role: The role to ping when a new question is posted, requires AidanBot to have the 'mention_everyone' permission.
  • qotd_posttime: The time when AidanBot will post, this will be based on UTC unless timezone is set, see Related Config values.
  • qotd_reroll_threshold: The number of users that need to consent to skip a question and post a new one, see /qotd reroll.

Related Config values

  • timezone: The timezone that time related events should use. [Info on timezone]