Syllabus OSU - AguaClara/SWOT GitHub Wiki

Date Day Discussion Lecture Slides Pre Discussion Video Pre Discussion Readings Assignments
01/10 Tu Introduction Introduction Introduction start Part Studios Tutorials
01/12 Th AguaClara OSU and Honduras State of the Planet V1 - Q1, V2 - Q2, V3 - Q3, V4 - Q4 Global Context Initial Survey
01/17 Tu Delhi Hotel Contaminants V5 - Q5, V6 - Q6, V7 - Q7 Surface Water Treatment
01/19 Th Entrance Tank Fluids Review V8 - Q8, V9 - Q9, V10 - Q10 Treatment Trains Part Studios Tutorials
01/24 Tu Head Loss Fluids Review V11 - Q11, V12 - Q12 State of AguaClara Team expectations
01/26 Th FeatureScript Demo Flow Control and Measurement V13 - Q13, V14 - Q14 Entrance Tank Draft Entrance Tank
01/31 Tu Computer Languages Flow Control and Measurement V15 - Q15, V16 - Q16 FCM Intro
02/02 Th SWoT in an Interview Flow Control and Measurement V17 - Q17 FCM Design Entrance Tank
02/07 Tu Flocculation Introduction V18 - Q18, V19 - Q19, V20 - Q20 How water flows Draft Flow Measurement
02/09 Th Flocculation Model V21 - Q21, V22 - Q22, V23 - Q23 Floc Model
02/10 Fr Flow Measurement
02/14 Tu Flocculation Design V24 - Q24, V25 - Q25, V26 - Q26 Floc Design
02/16 Th Flocculation Design V27 - Q27, V28 - Q28 Draft Flocculation 1-4
02/21 Tu Flocculation Reflections Clarification V29, V30, V31 How water flows
02/23 Th Clarification Reflections Clarification V32, V33 Clarification Intro Draft Flocculation 5-7
02/28 Tu Clarification Reflections Clarification V34, V35
03/02 Th SuperPulsator-CEPIS Clarification V36, V37 Clarifier Design Flocculation Final
03/07 Tu Clarification V38, V39, V40
03/09 Th Clarification V41, V42
03/14 Tu Break
03/16 Th Break
03/21 Tu Becerra Filtration Model V43, V44, V45 Filtration Intro
03/23 Th Filter Reflections Filtration Design V46, V47, V48 Draft Clarification
03/28 Tu Filtration Design V49, V50, V51
03/30 Th Filtration Design V52, V53 Clarification
04/04 Tu Filtration Design V54, V55
04/06 Th Filtration Design V56, V57 Draft Filtration
04/11 Tu Manifolds V58, V59 Manifold Hydraulics
04/13 Th Community or Households Manifolds Filtration
04/18 Tu Operator Driven Upgrades Field trip to see filters Final Team Evaluation
04/20 Th Learning from Feedback Last Lecture V60