Samba Build Instructions - AdieStevens/SYS-265 GitHub Wiki

Installing Samba

  • Sudo apt update
  • Sudo apt install samba
  • whereis samba (See the location)

Creating Shared Folder

  • mkdir /home/user/sambashare/ (or wherever you want it)


  • vi or nano into "/etc/samba/smb.conf"

  • Go to bottom of this file and type the following

  • [sambashare]

    • comment = Samba share directory
    • path = /your/path
    • read only = no
    • writeable = yes
    • browseable = yes
    • guest ok = no
    • valid users = @new_user
  • Sudo service smbd restart

  • Sudo ufw allow samba

  • To create a new user do command "smbpasswd -a " you will use this to sign into the shared folder later

Connecting to share

  • For windows do the following:
    • Right click this pc on your file explorer
    • go to add network location
    • \serverip\sambashare
  • From there you can only access this folder by using the samba user name you created however you can access it through different virtual machines in your network


  • It kept saying to me that the file either I did not have permission to or that it was not valid network location entry. To fix this you can do the following:
    • Go to run app and type "gpedit.msc" then go to administrator template, then go down and click on network and from that drop down go to Lanman Workstaton. After clicking on that on the right panel double click on "Enable insecure guest logins" click "Enable" then hit "Apply" After this it should work.
    • Make sure to restart your services and reload your firewall
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