Future Agenda Items - ActivitySim/activitysim Wiki

Code/Implementation Review Requests

  • PopulationSim implementation issues. From Alex (3/1/2022): We had an issue come in around a potential bug in PopulationSim, and today we got a new issue that PopulationSim might be having an install issue. I know we don't need to jump each time an issue comes in, but it does seem like PopulationSim might need a little attention (bug review) under Phase 7 - just capturing that.

Use Case / Application Presentation Ideas

  • ARC to present an update on their ActivitySim implementation, provide lessons learned, particularly with versioning.
  • SANDAG's visualization efforts
  • Future year scenario inputs for vehicle type (SANDAG or SEMCOG are likely first to develop these and could be candidates for presentation on how they were developed, implemented/applied.)

Technical Working Group - potential discussion items

  • Decide whether or not to have different versions of components or a swtich the incorporates multiple options. See June 9 meeting notes for more context.
  • How to approach testing, streamline pipeline
  • Approaches and lessons learned from Emme Agent and CT-RAMP2
  • Managing skims more efficiently (see April 12 meeting and June 23 meeting notes for more context.
    • omx to zar
    • compression/precision
  • Define what the canonical models should be. Kitchen sink, basic, and some middle ground? See June 16 meeting notes for more context.

Miscellaneous Technical Discussions

  • Integration with land use (original context: disaggregate accessibilities, see Meeting Notes from 03-22-2022)
  • How to handle different employment categories for different agencies

Documentation Review