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UMUI User Guide

The UMUI is the UM graphical interface, used for setting up UM version 7 and 8 jobs. It was originally developed by the UK Met Office, our local version features numerous enhancements made at CSIRO. It is available on accessdev, ngamai (BOM), accesscollab and cherax.

Setting up

The UMUI requires passwordless connection to the UM code repository and to the supercomputer.

Passwordless access to the supercomputer is only available using a passphrase-protected ssh-agent set up on your local computer. Instructions for setting this up are available in the SSH user guide.

Verify that you don't need a password to connect to Raijin and the UM code repository:

$ ssh raijin echo 'Connection Successful'
Connection Successful!

$ fcm ls fcm:um


Start UMUI at accessdev's command line by running:

$ umui

On accessdev this gives the enhanced version (use umuix on other machines). The first thing that umui displays is the experiment database. At the top are a number of ACCESS standard runs, tested configurations designed to be run without needing extra configuration. Experiments are organised into folders, you can expand a folder by clicking on the icon to the left.

dev-umui-database.png, 60%

You can create your own folders using the New Folder... button at the top right. Each folder has a 4 letter ID code (e.g. saaq) and can contain 26 runs, labelled a to z. This way each run can be identified with a unique 5 letter run id, such as saaqb for the ACCESS 1.3 AMIP run.

New runs are created by creating a copy of an existing one and changing its configuration. To do this, right click a run and select 'copy', then right click one of your folders and select 'paste'. You will be asked for the new run's title, then you can select the run and press the Edit... button to modify it.

Migrating UMUI Jobs to accessdev

Copying Jobs

The UMUI has the capability to copy jobs or folders between different servers. Because of firewall restrictions accessdev can only see the umui server for accesscollab, but cherax and the BOM machines can be set up to view the accessdev umui server.

Copying a job across servers is pretty much the same as a normal copy:

Select the item you want to copy, then right click and choose 'copy'. Then at the top of the umui window, choose the 'accessdev' tab. In the accessdev tab, right click and choose 'paste'. Note if you are pasting a job, you will need to highlight a folder to paste into.

Modifying jobs to work on accessdev

Extract directory: Under FCM Configuration => FCM Extract and Build directories and Output: Change UM_OUTDIR to point to /scratch/users/$USER/UM_OUTDIR.

Please don't leave UM_OUTDIR in your home directory, as there is insufficient space on that filesystem for extracts.

The ~access directory on accessdev is very similar to accesscollab, so standard jobs using hand edits and user stashmaster files under ~access should not need modification. However, you will need to copy any hand edit or user stashmaster files from your own home directory to accessdev.

Getting Help

To ask for assistance with running UMUI jobs please email the helpdesk [mailto:[email protected] [email protected]], making sure to note the experiment ID and any error messages.