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Further testing of Rainfields-3 Processing Scripts

Scripts as described here.

Want to get to the point that this is a robust and trusted tool-chain. To do that, will try to test after major changes, or even just after major "pulls" of data for significant development activity (such as the ACCESS C3 physics trials). Keep in mind that I'm comparing RF2 to RF3 products, and 10 minute (RF2) versus 30 minute (RF3) accumulations - ie., expect "similar", not "the same".

July 10-13, 2017: Darwin C3 Physics Trial

Processed all of Jan/Feb 2017.

RF3_processing_test_20170118_06Z.png RF3_processing_test_20170118_15Z.png

Comparing the curivlinear grid-result viewed in Panoply, to the Reg-!Lat/Lon grid result in UMexplore - important, because we can compare magnitudes. RF3_processing_test_Panop_20170118_06Z.png

July 18, 2017: VicTas C3 Physics Trial

Processed significant chunks of June/July 2016.

RF3_processing_test_20160624_02Z.png RF3_processing_test_20160624_0430Z.png

Aug 15, 2017: Couple of times from 20170723

Important because this was the first time I've used the operational RF3 server, rather than Mark Curtis' development one.

RF3_processing_test_20170723_0430Z.png RF3_processing_test_20170723_0730Z.png


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