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Rose/Cylc environment

The global model run described here runs under the !Rose/Cylc framework on NCI machines accessdev and Raijin.

Users must have an account with NCI and belong to the access group in order to be able to use accessdev and have the necessary permissions to access required files on raijin. Users must also belong to a project group that have the required CPU and disk allocations.

Since the model run suite operate in client-server mode between two computer system, necessary ssh setup is required to allow raijin and accessdev to communicate between each other and within themselves. If you are a new user of Rose and Cylc the following wiki pages have information about setting up ssh keys and and how to use Rose.

ssh Guide for accessdev

Rose on Accessdev" Guide to Rose on accessdev

Once the pre-requisites are in place, the actual steps in trying out a test run are very straightforward.

Running ACCESS-G

Specifically to run this UM global model configuration on accessdev, type:

rosie checkout au-aa087

This will checkout the suite on accessdev into your local directory $HOME/roses/au-aa087.

Modify the file ~/roses/au-aa087/rose-suite.conf to set email address and NCI project.

To run the suite, type

rose suite-run -C ~/roses/au-aa087

or within $HOME/roses/au-aa087

rose suite-run

Specify Running Dates

The initial cycle time and final cycle time are specified in accessdev::$HOME/roses/au-aa087/rose-suite.conf.

The default value of initial cycle time is set to 2014030500 and the final cylce time is set to 2014030600

because the test case only has data for 201403 and 201405 under /projects/access/AccessModelExperimentLibrary/access_g_vn8.2_25km/data/.

Please update those two variables for different test cases. initial cycle time and final cycle time do not need to be same but

final cycle time should not be earlier than initial cycle time.

gcylc graph display

Below is an example screenshot of gcylc graphical display of tasks and their inter-dependencies. Two cycles of the suite are shown below.

Note: While it is common for users to connect to accessdev using a graphic capable xterms, cylc can work quite well without graphical displays.


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