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Research City Model access_c_vn7.8_1.5km

The standard experiment access_c_vn7.8_1.5km is a research city model developed

in ESM program of CAWCR. Compared with the operational aps1-access_c, it has higher

spatial resolution of 1.5km but still keeps the vertical resolution of 70 levels.

The UM version of access_c_vn7.8_1.5km is upgraded to 7.8 instead of 7.6 in aps1-access_c.

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km runs out to 36 hours and twice daily, 00Z and 12Z (UTC) experimentally.

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km also nests within ACCESS-R.

Note: The naming convention of research system will follow MODEL_UMVERSION_RESOLUTION. In

this case, MODEL is access_c, UMVERSION is vn7.8 and spatial resolution is 1.5km, so the

standard experiment is named as access_c_vn7.8_1.5km.

Same as the aps1_access_c, access_c_vn7.8_1.5km also covers 6 domains, BN, SY, VT, AD, PH, DN,

which represent main Australian cities, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne-Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

These domains are detailed in the following table,

City Domain Lat. Range Lon. Range Grids Res. fcst_hrs MARS opendap
Brisbane BN -31.0S, -22.0S 148.00E, 156.0E 668X594 1.5km 36 akxb bdmb
Sydney SY -38.0S, -30.0S 147.00E, 155.0E 594X594 1.5km 36 akxs bdms
VicTas VT -46.0S, -33.0S 139.00E, 151.0E 964X890 1.5km 36 akxv bdmv
Adelaide AD -39.5S, -29.5S 132.00E, 142.0E 742X742 1.5km 36 akxa bdma
Perth PH -37.0S, -28.0S 112.00E, 123.0E 668X816 1.5km 36 akxp bdmp
Darwin DN -16.0S, -8.0S 128.50E, 140.0E 594X852 1.5km 36 akxd bdmd

The forecast data is available on MARS from 2013-10-23 to 2014-03-31. The data is available on opendap of

raijin:/g/data/rr4/opendap_esm/access-ff from 2014-03-18. Please see the table above for the MARS/opendap ID

for each domain. (few missing for both datasets due to system faults).

The experimental suite running on raijin may be switched off anytime without further notice.

Please check the wiki for updates.

The topography of six domains is displayed as below for reference: From top to bottom and left to right,

BN, SY, VT, AD, PH and DN. Those are much more detailed than the

4km ones, go to for comparison.

Note: The aspect ratio is not in line with the actual one.

BN1.5.png, 90% SY1.5.png, 90%
VT1.5.png, 90% AD1.5.png, 90%
PH1.5.png, 90% DN1.5.png, 90%