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Installing a new UM version


Create prebuilds for new version access/RoseSuitePrebuilds

Inputs for standard jobs

Move last version directory in /g/data/access/TIDS/UM/standard_jobs/inputs/ to the new version and create a link. E.g.

mv vn10.8 vn10.9
ln -s vn10.9 vn10.8

The JASMIN rsync doesn't handle the moved link well, so this saves unnecessarily downloading a full extra copy when JASMIN eventually updates (it's quite out of date at the moment).

Create new KGOs

The script requires failed rose-ana tasks to get the names of the files to setup. These can only be generated using the KGO paths from the last revision before the new version. Therefore, check out latest version of UM and replace rose-stem/site/meto/variables.rc by the last revision before the paths were updated. Note that the NCI installation uses this meto file.

Make sure the rose configuration is set to create the rose-ana DB. On raijin, $HOME/.metomi/rose.conf should have


Note that this is only necessary for updating KGOs, not for normal ticket testing.

Run full set of tests with rose stem --group=nci. All the rose-ana kgo tasks should fail. This should create cylc-run/um_trunk/log/rose-ana-comparisons.db.

To run the update script need passwordless ssh from raijin to accessdev. Test with

raijin% cylc suite-state --host=accessdev um_trunk

This should return a list of task states.

Copy rose-stem/bin/ from source directory to raijin and run with appropriate options. E.g.

% python --new-release
* Starting KGO Update *
Suite username      : mrd599
Suite name          : um_trunk

How should the new KGO directory be named? 
 (1) Standard KGO directory (vnX.X_tYYYY)
 (2) Some other custom directory name
Use option          : 2
New directory       : vn10.9

This will create a script, e.g.,

Script file written to: /home/599/mrd599/

* Update will require: 68.05 GB of disk space *

Script has lines like

# Creating new KGO directories:
mkdir -p /g/data1a/access/KGO/standard_jobs/rose/nci_createbc/frame_eg_fixed_eg_0dust0/vn10.9

# Copying new KGO files from suite:
cp /short/p66/mrd599/cylc-run/um_trunk/work/1/createbc_nci_createbc_calcs_frame_eg_fixed_eg_0dust0/output.lbc /g/data1a/access/KGO/standard_jobs/rose/nci_createbc/frame_eg_fixed_eg_0dust0/vn10.9/output.lbc

Finally remove KGOs from the model version 2 steps before (vn10.7 in this case) and all the intermediate tickets of the previous version.

cd /g/data/access/KGO/standard_jobs/rose
find . -type d -name vn10.7 -exec rm -rf {} \;
find . -type d -name vn10.8_t* -exec rm -rf {} \;

Create version directory in ~access/umdir

Run rose stem --group=nci_install and then copy the share/vnX.Y directory to ~access/umdir.