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Troubleshooting Screen issues

Check the following:

  • Has a slide been selected in ProPresenter?

It should be showing in the preview area on the left side of ProPresenter.

Alpha Tip The first slide for each Alpha week has embedded macros to correctly setup the screens, always click on it before any others.

  • Have the correct Looks and Themes been applied

Setting up Looks and Themes

  • Are the ProPresenter outputs enabled?

Above the preview area in ProPresenter are toggles for the Audience and Stage outputs - they should have a green dot - if red, click to enable

  • Has all the visual equipment been turned on?

The iMac has permanent power, but other bits of the system won't work until all the switches under the hatch are turned on - also allowing a moment for everything to get going.

  • Is the output showing over the top of the ProPresenter controls?

Exit and restart ProPresenter - this sometimes happens if ProPresenter has been running while the rest of the visual equipment has been turned off.