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Roof Blinds

The large roof 'lantern' within the auditorium ceiling generously fills the room with natural light.

The lantern contains blinds that can be remotely controlled from the projection room to control the level of light.

Opening and closing

The switch for the roof blinds is located below the projection room windows, just to the right of the main auditorium projector 2024-05-24_20-34-32_348

Press and hold the switch until the blinds are in the desired position. It takes approximately 20seconds to move from fully open to fully closed, or vice versa.

It's noisy!

Be aware the motors of the blinds make quite a bit of noise, so it is generally best to adjust before and after the service.

Is it working?

It is only possible to see the blinds from the floor of the auditorium, but during daylight hours it is possible to see from the projection room window the level of lighting casting on the surround of the roof lantern.