Style Guide - AAU-Dat/P5-Nonlinear-Dimensionality-Reduction Wiki

For this project the following basic style guides apply. These guides represent a minimum level of rules that must always be adhered to.


The project generally uses camelCase and PascalCase, except where otherwise noted.
Files created for documentation must include the date in the file name.
File names must be kebab-case (This is for the sake of github and LaTeX).


Should we have rules for wiki format?


Names in code may not be abbreviations.
Variables and functions use snake_casing. Classes use PascalCasing.


We use flake8 flake8 install guide


Files and labels use hyphen-case.
Labels must be prepended with a 3 letter abbreviation of the type the label refers to, and a colon. For example a section label would be sec:this-is-a-section-label, or tab:this-is-a-table-label. Make a todo if something is missing the report.