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Make a staging zone

The staging zone is automatically created around all respawn_west (number suffix _123 also work) markers and TLZ Markers. They cover 60 meters around the marker. You can also manually declare a zone using the magic marker name YMF_staging_zone (see below) or by using the following function:

Invisible roads work well

/* Arguments:
 * 1: Zone Size <NUMBER/STRING> (Optional) [Default; 12]

[this] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone
[this, 3] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone
["zone_staging", 12] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone
["respawn_west", 12] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone
[[10,25,0], 12] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone
["ShapedZoneMarker", "RECTANGLE"] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone
["ShapedZoneMarker", "ELLIPSE"] call YMF_fnc_addStagingZone

This function can be declared in init.sqf if you declare a VariableName of the object.

You can also place down a marker and name it YMF_staging_zone (number suffix _123 does also work). This will automatically get a zone of 60 meters around them.


Disable/Enable all staging zones

Zeus can via a module disable access to all staging zones.

Enable staging everywere

It is possible as Zeus to enable staging zones for all or targeted soldier using code execution.

Global execution will enable the staging zones for all player JIP players will not be effected.

cScripts_Staging_ZoneStatus = true;
cScripts_Staging_ZoneStatus = false;

Mission settings

Disable staging system

It is possible to disable staging system in the mission settings under the staging category.