6 22 2022 standup - 220425-Reston-NET/Alpha_Code_P2 Wiki

Name Israel Ng'andu

What is done yesterday? Deployed backend using AWS

What are you going to do today? Testing functionalities for backend and frontend

What problems/blockers do you have? None

Escalation None

Name Jordan Lopez

What was done yesterday? Worked on MedTrak App power point presentation

What is going to be done today? add Seri log packages to app

What problems or blockers did you have? none

Escalation none

Name Mahamadou Kabba

What's done yesterday? worked on project2

What are you doing today? working on signup (post) data to db, and login (fetch) from db

What problems / blockers did you encounter ? I'm having issues sending data to the backend

Daniel Pagan was absent today due to a prior engagement which was discussed with the Israel and Stephen.