Standup Notes Week 2 - 220103JavaFS/standup-amplifire-mamba Wiki


Bobby - (On Friday) I continued training in Java by learning about abstract classes and interfaces, as well as how to catch exceptions using a try/catch/finally block. We also took a deep dive into the Collection Framework in Java, going over the different types of built-in data structures that Java offers. Finally, we took a more conceptual look at creating a program by learning about 3-way architecture. (Over the weekend) I officially started work on my project, creating about 6 different classes with some basic functionality. (Today) I'm going to continue to learn and take notes and also keep preparing for the first QC this afternoon.

Ivo - On Friday I learned about exception handling with try and catch, abstract classes and interfaces, conceptual topics such as the 4 pillars of oop and some design patterns - such as singleton and factory as well as the 3-layers architecture of web projects. Also I learned about data structures from the Collections class. Over the weekend I tried to read more about the conceptual topics, covered on Friday as I didn't understand them very well. Preparation for upcoming QC took all my time and I was not able to work on project0. Today after lectures I intend to start experimenting with it.

Zach - On Friday I attended the lectures and in particular, I learned a lot about Gradle and Logback. Over the weekend I did a little bit of research on JDBC and how to connect an application to a database. Today, I plan to listen to the lectures and start creating the Database for my Project0 application.

Mahad - On Friday I was able to fully understand the four pillars of Object Oriented Programming. I was also able to learn about lists and the different classes with the sets. Along with that, I was exposed to try/catch blocks and how to handle expected exceptions from the software. Today we will have QC and I am looking forward to see how I will do with that. There is also an exercise which I am a little nervous about, but I am optimistic. I also hope to learn more about Java today and expand my knowledge with it.

Ian - Over the weekend I reviewed my notes for the previous week, learning about the 4 Pillars of OOP and Interfaces and Abstract classes. Today I plan to attend lectures, and to continue reviewing notes, reading articles and making my flashcard deck.


Ivo - Yesterday I had problems with the IntelliJ editor. My team helped with those. During the QC I didn't do my best - it turned out I have a serious gap in the understanding of how abstract classes work. I had trouble understanding the exercise that Tim gave as for the day. After a one-on-one with him I think that at least I was able to comprehend the goal, but am very slow with the implementation. Concequently I am nowhere near completion. As the only exposure I've had to coding was with Python, I find Java very difficult. Again I wasn't able to work on project0. Today I am looking forward to the one-on-one to try and improve my understanding of OOP. After classes I hope to be able to do some work on project0.

Bobby - (Yesterday) I worked most of the morning to complete the given assignment and implement my own Set class. I got basically all of the functionality working so I spend the rest of the morning to study for QC. In the afternoon I had what I felt was a good QC interview. In the afternoon learned about Javalin which is a library that helps manage HTTP requests. Javalin is totally new to me so I spent some time after work trying to learn a little more about it. (Today) I'm going to spend the morning working on my project 0 and trying to get Postman running while I'm not in my one-on-one meeting.

Zach - Yesterday I listened to the lecture about Javalin and I set up my account on Postman. After training, I realized that for the assignment given by Tim, my set implementation was too complicated, so I simplified it. Today, I'm going to have my one-on-one interview w/ Tim, and then listen to the lecture. Starting this week, almost all the content being taught will be new to me, so I'm pretty excited.

Mahad - Yesterday I learned about Javalin and set up Postman on my computer. I took some time to revise week one's material before the QC meeting. Thereafter, I spent more time than I should have working on the Exercise for today's 1-1 meeting with Tim. I hope to do good with answering his questions today and to work on project0 some more after.

Ian - I spent yesterday making my PracticeSet class, so I spent the morning creating that. In the evening we were introduced to the functionality of Javalin. Today I plan to continue with lectures and spend the evening reading more articles and working on my flashcards.


Ivo - Yesterday morning I attended the lecture on JSON and after that I worked on the exercise that Tim gave us on Monday. After the workday was over I had planned to work on project0 but could not do that due to unexpected unrelated events. Today after lectures as well as all remaining days by end of week I must review and understand the Javalin/JSON functionalities, as Tim told me that without them, project0 cannot be successfully implemented and will not pass on examination day.

Bobby - Learned in the morning about Json and got ready for my one-on-one after lunch. After doing the one-on-one I worked on my project0 for the rest of the day which was nice. I first focused on separating the files I currently had into the appropriate layer (control, service, dao) as well as moving some functionality between functions to math their layer. After this I took a deep dive into Postman, learning how to create a project in my workspace that saves different HTTP commands. I also learned how to set and manipulate global variables within Postman and from my Javalin app. I'm not currently sure how but I think this may be crucial to trying to get signin and logoff capability into my app.

Zach - Yesterday I learned about JSON from the lectures, and then did my one-on-one with Tim. The one-on-one was pretty quick, and I had the rest of the training day to start working on Project0. I finished designing the database and I started writing the basic classes for the project. Today, I'm going to listen to the lectures and write basic SQL code to create the database. Since I don't know how to create a database yet (and I don't know if I'll learn that today), I'll write SQL code in a text editor.

Mahad - Yesterday I learned about the JSON data structure and how it is used all throughout the internet. I also revised the material from week 1 for my 1-1 with Tim. Thereafter, I further designed project0 and made the decision to start the project on the weekend, after I obtain all of the necessary knowledge to complete it. I am really looking forward to learning about SQL today because I have actually found it cool to work with the language in the past, so it will be nice to further expand my knowledge in it.

Ian - Yesterday we transitioned from Javalin to JSON and learned about their intertwined functionalities. In the evening I read articles and continues making my flashcards. Today I plan to attend lectures and continue with my flashcards, and read more articles.


Bobby - Yesterday was a long lecture day, so lots of note taking. After work I started to play around with SQL commands in DBeaver on my own. Today I'm hoping to learn how to interact with a database through my Javalin app so I can start working on data persistence for my project. I also plan on taking the Java quiz today if time allows.

Zach - Yesterday, I learned about SQL and its different dialects and sublanguages. After that, I learned how to create a database in AWS, and how to connect to it via DBeaver. Today I plan on listening to the lectures and work a little more on Project0. I'm hoping we learn how to connect Intellij to my database. I feel like if I can learn that I'll be able to make a lot of progress.

Ivo - Yesterday I attended the lecture on SQL and Dbeaver. After that I tried reviewing Javalin and JSON which I am still struggling to comprehend. Today before our SCRUM meeting I did the quiz. After lectures I plan to continue reviewing the Javling and Jason controller layer.

Mahad - Yesterday I was able to learn about AWS and creating databases I can connect to from my SQL database. I messed around with some SQL scripts on DBeaver and just studied the previous training materials. Today, I hope to see how to connect my Java application with my database so I can get a better idea on the project.

Ian - yesterday I created my own database, leaned how to connect it to Dbeaver then how to code in SQL. I did not learn how to connect my SQL database to my Intellij so I'm a little too nervous to start my project in case there are special provisions that I don't know. Instead I spent the day reading more articles and working on my flashcards. Today I will spend the day in lecture and keep my ears open for how to connect my database to my Intellij which is the key to starting my project.


Ivo - Yesterday after the lectures on SQL i continued reviewing the Javalin framework with Jason. Today I am very much looking forward the application 3-layered demo that Tim promised. In the evening and continuing through the long weekend I'll work on project0.

Bobby - Yesterday was a huge SQL overload. I just tried to take it all in, I have little to no SQL experience so I was getting a little overwhelmed. After the lectures I worked a little bit more on my project, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. On the weekend I plan on practicing A LOT with SQL to get comfortable with it and to basically finish my project.

Zach - Yesterday I learned more about SQL and about functions, normalizations, and joins. Today I'm going to listen to the lectures and follow the demo. The demo is going to be very useful to my project because I'm currently at a bit of a standstill where I don't know what else to do until I learn how to get Intellij connected with the database. This weekend, since I'll have learned everything I need for the project, I'm going to try and get as much of the project done as I can.

Mahad - Yesterday I took a deeper dive into SQL and the different concepts such as Joins and Trigger functions. Today I am looking forward to the full demo so I can see all the different concepts we learned implemented. This will really help me understand how I will approach my project because I have been a little overwhelmed.

Ian - Yesterday we learned how to code in SQL at a much deeper level. But we didn't learn how to connect our database, so I will expect to learn that today. I plan on attending lecture and then spending the weekend knocking out project0.