Week 2 - 220103-java-etl/Vanquish-RepoSlayers Wiki

Leonardo Molina – During the weekend I studied the curriculum for the QC, I also worked on the Java Labs on GitHub to practice my syntax. I did the abstract class lab, the constructors lab, the array list lab and the Access Modifiers lab.

Erik Thomas: Yesterday: After finishing studying the features of Object Oriented Programming. I Reviewed 'Git' commands and how to Refrence digits of Arrays to call single characters.

Troy Cogdell-yesterday I went over control-flow statement, the four principals, SDLC, defining CMD terms, and exception-handling.

Daniel Gutierrez: Over the weekend, I did some outside projects dealing with React and Bootstrap. I looked over the SDLC methodologies and tried to get ready for QC in general. Roadblocks: I'm just having a few issues with explaining the concepts with confidence.

Christopher Crawford - Worked on coding assignments from Abstract-Classes to Creating a list with an array. Also studied the material for the week.

Courtney Hart - Friday, we talked about conditional statements and arrays, packages and imports, casting, and the SDLC. I struggled with the SDLC.

##Tuesday Leonardo Molina – Yesterday I started making more notes for week one since I didn’t do that good on the first QC, I just went over the curriculum and made notes about the definitions of everything.

Daniel Gutierrez: Yesterday, I worked on the structure of my answers and became familiar with concepts even more. Today, I am going over my study technique to lean into a better study approach.

Courtney Hart - Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day studying as we had our QC's and one on ones. I focused on Git. I am still having a hard time with Git. I am going to figure out a study routine.

Troy Cogdell - Yesterday - I went study git basics, for, while-loop and do-while loop, control-flow statement. Doing the abstract class.

Chris - Worked on HackerRank challenges. Studied more using Git and GitHub. Reviewed older projects to check for improvement. Also looked up the difference between Array and List, and echo vs touch.

Erik Thomas: Yesterday: After leaving the Zoom, I proceeded to study for the quiz being held today. More specifically, commiting to memory how to clone, push, and pull to a repository using Git commands.


Leonardo Molina – Yesterday I reviewed the notes from class and made my own notes over String methods, Variable Scopes and the Scanner(Read from Console)

Troy - Yesterday I went over my quiz and study the answer, watched YouTube full stack and this morning went over my strings, and study code syntax.

Courtney Hart - Yesterday, we looked into access and non access modifiers and strings. I was very nervous about learning about the heap and stack, but it was pretty straightforward. I'm still trying to figure out static. I practiced my programming, trying to figure out when what tool would be more applicable like static vs public.

Daniel Gutierrez - yesterday I looked at all of the curriculum concepts and a few videos on scanner and string builder, buffer to understand that a bit more. Today I would like to look up more of the object classes.

Chris - Studied Regex thoroughly as well as looked up more on string methods. Roadblock: figuring out how each character within regex interacts with each other.

Erik Thomas: Yesterday: After breaking out into groups I saved pdf's of the 2 Java quizzes and marked the questions I got right and the one's I needed improvement on. I also created a key and posted them in personal groups on Discord.


Chris - Looked into Template literals in JavaScript, difference between package and folder, shortcuts within IntelliJ, difference between MongoDB & PostgreSQL, internet protocols, and Single-responsibility principle.

Daniel Gutierrez: Yesterday I watched a Java library management system tutorial on YouTube, Today I plan on doing the same to review concepts. Roadblocks: rushing through code and making small mistakes.

Courtney - Yesterday I learned about error checking, exceptions, and looked into our project 1 design. I understand how all the different layers interact, but I had a hard time implementing methods in the data access object class.

Troy - Yesterday I study abstract class and interface. Did some more coding on the library app. I also went over exception handling some more.

Erik Thomas: Yesterday: After learning about Exceptions and creating a database for creating login credentials. I tested other ways in how to make my program work.

##Friday Leonardo Molina - Yesterday I didn't get to study as much since on Wednesday I had to go to my hometown for some family matter, I came back yesterday night from my hometown.

Chris - Researched methods in Java for ArrayList, HashMap, and Queue. Looked at Collections in Java as well.

Daniel Gutierrez: Yesterday I went over the recording from the Library Management Code Along and I am trying to think more like a programmer.

Courtney Hart - Yesterday, we looked over the collection API, maps, and testing. Testing is pretty straight forward. I studied the collection api and came out with more questions than answers.

Erik Thomas - Looked into Java Curriculum in preparation for Week 3 Quiz. Familiarized self with different kinds of Exceptions and how to use dedication.

Troy - yesterday I went over for loops videos. I am still debugging my library app. exceptions handling studying.