Week 2 - 220103-java-etl/Amplifire-404-Braincells Wiki

Week 2


James Langan- Yesterday- Reviewed notes and recording to prepare for QC. Today- Doing QC and 1 on 1. Roadblock- Nerves for QC.

Colleen Lynch- Friday we wrapped up the first week, learned about packages, arrays, control flow statements, casing, and SDLC agile vs waterfall). Today we will have our first QC and one on one. Today we will cover access and non access modifiers, string builder/buffer, string API, variable scopes, DS&A. No noted barriers at this time.

Joshua Cho- Did review over the weekend. QC and 1-on-1s today. Roadblock would be being fully prepared for QCs.

Michael Lee- Yesterday reviewed terms and concepts in preparation for QC, set up repo for assignments and completed 4 labs. Today - conducting QC and 1 on 1s with instructor. Roadblocks - Some errors I am encountering in IntelliJ, and anxiety for QC.

Jacob Ramsey-Friday-reviewed notes and flash cards for QC, learned more Java Concepts. Today-Perform QC and One on Ones. Roadblock-get over QC anxiety, fairly confident in my ability to answer but worried about getting choked up.

Twain Toussaint- Did a review for QC meeting and went over last week's notes. Today's agenda is the QC meeting and 1-on-1. My only roadblock is finding an efficient study method that helps me retain information.


James Langan- Yesterday- Completed QCs and 1 on 1s, using the feedback to review and study. Today-Complete a quiz and continued learning about Java. Roadblock- Got nervous and had trouble answering questions that I knew.

Colleen Lynch- - [ ] Yesterday we had our first QC and 1:1. Today we will learn further regarding Java. Barriers include learning specifics of use for IntelliJ, but I am learning more and becoming more comfortable each day.

Joshua Cho- Did QC and one-on-one mock interview yesterday. Today will learn more about Java concepts. Roadblock at the moment would be to put further time into studying concepts and be able to speak concise definitions of terms.

Michael Lee- Yesterday, felt pretty confident conducting 1 on 1s and QC, did not manage to study yesterday. Today - Going to take a quiz, and start incorporating applications into our code and learning. Will continue and try to complete a good chunk of labs today in order to maintain practice, and familiarity with terms. Roadblocks - None at this time.

Jacob Ramsey-We performed one on ones and QC. Today- Learn more Java Concepts, create more flash cards, take quizzes. Barriers-refining studying methods to be more optimal.

Twain Toussaint- Had QC meeting and Moc interview. Learning more Java concepts and taking Week 1 quiz. No roadblocks.


James Langan- Yesterday- created repository for project 1, complete first quiz, did some of the coding assignments, and reviewed. today- continue to learn more about Java and plan for the project. Roadblock- was having a little trouble copying the project skeleton to my own repository on GitHub.

Colleen Lynch- Yesterday we reviewed further JAVA functionalities, and learned about the firs project. Today we will learn more about JAVA and GIT. No barriers notes, just solidifying understanding of functionality and use of JAVA and GIT.

Joshua Cho- Reviewed Strings and further concepts around the data type yesterday. Today we will learn more concepts from both Java and Github. No notable roadblocks at the moment, just need to study more to get concepts solidified in my mind.

Michael Lee- Yesterday, we reviewed strings and variables scopes, introduced the first project, managed to set up my first project repo and copy it over from Dan's original repo. Today we continue with java concepts and full stack apps. Roadblocks - time management between concept studying, lab practice and skeleton analysis.

Jacob Ramsey-Yesterday- created flash cards, learned Java concepts, Studied concepts, looked at project outline and the skeleton. Today- learn more SD concepts and Java concepts. Roadblock- figuring out the implementation and syntax of some of the classes within the project skeleton.

Twain Toussaint- Went over string concepts and project outline. Starting a new project. No roadblocks.


James Langan- yesterday- did our first little mock project and some more of the labs. today- watch another group do their presentation for project 3, do some more labs, and continue learning about java processes. Roadblock- When do the mock library project and was asked to make the deletion, update and create functions on our own, I didn't really know where to start.

Colleen Lynch- Yesterday we learned about application architecture, full stack, errors and exceptions. Today we will work on learning more JAVA and some GIT. No noted barriers at this time.

Joshua Cho- Learned about Java exceptions and catch blocks yesterday. Today will be learning about lists, sets and Queues. Only road block that comes to mind is making time for more studying.

Michael Lee-Yesterday we covered layering and exceptions and started our basic application model after work I studied some week 2 terms and kept working on the app. Today we will be going over more Java concepts and possibly adding on to our basic app. We will also be checking out a P3 showcase from another batch to get an idea of what it will look like for us. Only roadblock is transition from a pseudocode mentality to actual code when given code expectations.

Jacob Ramsey-Yesterday-went over Software Development architecture, learned some more concepts with exception handling, looked at an example where the SD architecture was semi applied. Studied some key concepts on my own time, played around with our console project some. Today- Learn more concepts about SD, look at a project 3 demonstration. Roadblock-connecting the dots on the specifics of how different layers of the SD architecture connect.

Twain Toussaint- Learned about layering in Java. Today we are going over more concepts. No roadblocks.


James Langan- Yesterday- Learned about set, maps, and queues. Continued working on the MockDB. Did some more of the labs, Hacker challenges, and watched some videos on Java Today- Work on review what was already learned with my group and whole class. Continue independent review. do some more sole Java review. Roadblock- Still having some trouble taking concepts and putting them to code.

Colleen Lynch- Yesterday we went through collection API and testing. Today we are learning more about Arrays, interfaces and git. I had a barrier with git push, and after fighting with git was able to complete a git merge that allowed me to process commands as needed again.

Joshua Cho- Learned about lists, sets, queues and maps yesterday. Today we will be learning about interfaces. Roadblock would be integrating all the skills I've learned so far into my work.

Michael Lee- Yesterday we went through APIs, collection interfaces, and introduction to testing. Caught up my MockDB file with expected update collection, finished some more flashcards but need to complete all of them over the weekend. Today - we will be looking over a new interfaces and the last terms of the week. Roadblocks - My bed is too comfortable, and keeps me prisoner within the blankets, will be breaking out soon.

Jacob Ramsey-Yesterday-did some coding challenges, created flash cards, studied learned about Data structures collections, testing, ext..Today-In the morning I did some of the coding questions with tests and study yesterdays flashcards. do some review on topics covered already, learn no SD topics, create flash cards, study flash cards, do some more work with coding challenges. Roadblocks-none

Twain Toussaint- Yesterday we did list practices. Today we are going over interfaces and arrays. No roadblocks.