Creating Skins - zeroruka/GI_Assets Wiki

Since SpecialK uses .dds format, we will use "Paint .NET" for this guide. You can choose to use any other photo editing software, but this guide won't cover it.

Setting up Paint.NET

  1. Download Paint .NET here
  2. Download and install the following plugins: DDS File Type Plus and Modify Channels

Dumping .dds textures

  1. Open Genshin through SKIF
  2. Open Render Mod Tools from SK menu

  1. Adjust the window to the appropriate size

  1. In the Live Texture view, select any texture that you want to dump and press "Dump Texture to Disk"

  1. Dumped textures can be found in This PC\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\GenshinImpact.exe\SK_Res\dump\textures\GenshinImpact.exe\ folder

  1. Text file contains information about the .dds file such as its format

Editing Textures

Character textures can be classified as diffuse and lightmap. Diffuse textures are the main texture that you want to make changes on, it is mostly transparent. Lightmap textures define the shadows and light rendering for the texture, it is optional to modify this but is recommended for better-looking skins.

Modifying Diffuse

  1. Open the texture in Paint .NET
  2. If most of the texture is transparent, go to Adjustments --> Modify Channels and adjust the settings according to the picture below

  1. You will now see the full texture, now you can edit it to your liking.

  2. After editing the texture, perform the "Modify Channels" operation again to invert the alpha channel

  3. Export the texture in BC7 (sRGB, DX 11+) format and remove "Compressed_" from the file name

    eg. Compressed_D4142F6F --> D4142F6F

    Make sure to turn on 'Generate Mip Map'

Modifying Lightmap

  1. Open both diffuse and lightmap in Paint .NET

  2. Copy the diffuse texture and paste it into a new layer in lightmap (this is optional and only meant for you more easily see the corresponding lightmap textures)

  3. Modify the diffuse texture to your liking

    Note: Alpha can also be inverted on this texture to reveal more details. Use the same method as mentioned above

  4. After editing the texture, if you pasted the diffuse texture into lightmap, delete the diffuse layer first then export the texture.

  5. Export the texture in BC7 (Linear, DX 11+) format and remove "Compressed_" from the file name

    Make sure to turn on 'Generate Mip Map'

See Injecting Skins to import the skins you have made