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Adding content to the Classic library

Please read some previous guidelines on adding new software to Classic.

Things to consider:

  • Paths:

    • Under libsrc:
      • Target independent code: just in libsrcor subdirs of it for better organization. Example: C stubs for Classic.
      • Target dependent code: specific directory under libsrc/target/<target>. Example: target-specific versions of SP1, Arkos
    • Under examples: put code in a directory with the name of the new lib or software
    • Under support: put any needed scripts, Makefiles, related to the new lib or software. Example: scripts that convert upstream Arkos sources into Z88DK Arkos sources
    • Under include: put related header files (not in directory include/_DEVELOPMENT)
  • Compiled libraries are generated under libsrc and installed to lib/clibs. They are used by the compiler from lib/clibs.

  • LST files must be adjusted (in created/modified directories and the ones above it) to take the correct paths into account.

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