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Layout is a very dreary process, especially when creating a large multi-page site. This problem is solved by task managers. In this case, the task manager gulp is taken. Thanks to him, the process of creating a site will become more productive, and most importantly more enjoyable.

Help wanted

If you need help, you should look for a question in the FAQ section or others (corresponding to your problem in gulp-configuration.wiki). If you do not find the relevant information, you should use other sources and only then create a note about the problem in gulp-configuration.issues.

Frequently asked questions

Why gulp?

Gulp is a task manager that has gained the most popularity in comparison with its counterparts. It is the easiest to set up, and its assembly from the code side looks more concise than others.

Will webpack be integrated into this build?

I want to assure you, most likely not. I do not see the need for it, since webpack is a bundler that serves to build js applications, at the same time, this assembly implies the creation of sites. In addition, webpack will significantly reduce performance, which I avoid.

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