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Q: What does the collab contract do?

A: The collab contract automatically splits any revenue made from sales of an OBJKT among the collaborators defined by the contract, as as per the relative shares of each collaborator.

Q: What are collaborator shares?

A: Each collaborator receives a share of the payments relative to the shares defined on the contract. For example, if a contract has 4 collaborators (A, B, C, and D), they could have their shares equally distributed (25% each) or not (A: 50%, B: 30%, C: 10%, D: 10% or any arbitrary distribution).

Q: Is there a limit to the number of collaborators in a collab contract?

A: There is no hard-limit, but we have not yet tested a contract with more than 10 collaborators. Larger contracts may run into Tezos gas or storage limits. We will update this when we have more concrete data on this topic.

Q: Does it work for secondary market royalties too?

A: Yes, but only if the OBJKT was minted by the collab contract. The collab contract automatically splits any XTZ payments made towards the contract's address, so provided the contract address is the creator of the OBJKT then it will be the recipient of secondary sale royalties, and hence those payments will also be automatically split among the collaborators.

Q: Can it split tokens other than XTZ?

A: Currently only XTZ is tested and supported, but in the future it might also work for any fungible FA2 token on the Tezos blockchain, even wrapped tokens.

Q: Can a collab contract be applied to already minted pieces?

A: Not quite. You can transfer existing OBJKTs to a collab contract's address, and these can be manually swapped and sold. The sale revenues will be split among the contract collaborators, however any secondary market royalties are still only paid to the original minter, and hence not available to the collab contract for splitting.

Q: Can changes to collaborators and shares be made after creating the contract?

A: Not at the moment, but this is something that will be considered in future versions.

Q: Will collab OBJKTs appear under each collaborator profile?

A: Not at the moment. This is something we are considering for a future version, when more advanced permission controls are in place. For now the OBJKT will only appear under the profile of the collab contract's address. You may advertise it on your social media channels in order to raise awareness to it and at the same time confirm that you consented to that particular collaborative work.

Q: Can any of the collaborators mint collab OBJKTs under the collab contract?

A: Not at the moment. Currently only the contract's manager can mint. This is something that will likely change in future versions.

Q: What are tips in a collab contract?

A: Tips allow the collaborators to automatically make small donations to entities of their choosing each time a collab OBJKT generates revenue, by sharing some of that revenue with those benefactors according to the tip shares defined in the contract.

Q: Do secondary market royalties also generate tips?

A: Provided the OBJKT was minted by the collab contract then all revenue generated by that OBJKT, including all royalties, will generate tips according to the tip shares defined in the contract.

Q: Can I use this tool to donate to my favourite charity?

A: Absolutely. That is one of the reasons why a collab contract includes a tips section. See: What are tips/benefactors in a collab contract?