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This file records the timesteps set by various constraints.


# Lv      Step   Counter        TimeOld        TimeNew          dTime      Hydro_CFL      Hydro_Acc      Data_Dump       End_Time        Par_Vel        Par_Acc      Sync_FaLv     Sync_SonLv      AutoRedDt
   0         0         0  0.0000000e+00  5.7810403e-02  5.7810403e-02  5.7810403e-02  3.8746542e-01  5.0000000e-01  1.0000000e+00            inf            inf  3.4028235e+38  0.0000000e+00  1.0000000e+00
   1         0         0  0.0000000e+00  2.7251148e-02  2.7251148e-02  2.8751362e-02  2.7327576e-01  5.0000000e-01  1.0000000e+00  2.7251148e-02  3.2869031e-01  5.7810403e-02  0.0000000e+00  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         0  0.0000000e+00  1.1388617e-02  1.1388617e-02  1.4373764e-02  1.8945998e-01  5.0000000e-01  1.0000000e+00  1.1388617e-02  1.3525940e-01  2.7251148e-02  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         1  1.1388617e-02  2.2806077e-02  1.1417460e-02  1.4375145e-02  1.8895561e-01  4.8861138e-01  9.8861138e-01  1.1417460e-02  1.3519738e-01  1.5862531e-02  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         2  2.2806077e-02  2.7251148e-02  4.4450713e-03  1.4371166e-02  1.8914053e-01  4.7719392e-01  9.7719392e-01  1.1404442e-02  1.3502470e-01  4.4450713e-03  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   1         0         1  2.7251148e-02  5.4564332e-02  2.7313184e-02  2.8762037e-02  2.7449206e-01  4.7274885e-01  9.7274885e-01  2.7313184e-02  3.2819969e-01  3.0559255e-02  2.2808885e-02  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         3  2.7251148e-02  3.8643738e-02  1.1392589e-02  1.4369172e-02  1.8924589e-01  4.7274885e-01  9.7274885e-01  1.1392589e-02  1.3499083e-01  2.7313184e-02  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         4  3.8643738e-02  5.0006536e-02  1.1362798e-02  1.4362061e-02  1.8951729e-01  4.6135626e-01  9.6135626e-01  1.1362798e-02  1.3511053e-01  1.5920594e-02  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         5  5.0006536e-02  5.4564332e-02  4.5577961e-03  1.4361952e-02  1.8928616e-01  4.4999346e-01  9.4999346e-01  1.1333992e-02  1.3501261e-01  4.5577961e-03  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   1         0         2  5.4564332e-02  5.7810403e-02  3.2460714e-03  2.8789273e-02  2.7419209e-01  4.4543567e-01  9.4543567e-01  2.7375017e-02  3.0900203e-01  3.2460714e-03  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00
   2         0         6  5.4564332e-02  5.7810403e-02  3.2460714e-03  1.4362757e-02  1.8928155e-01  4.4543567e-01  9.4543567e-01  1.1322705e-02  1.3496141e-01  3.2460714e-03  3.4028235e+38  1.0000000e+00

Table format:

  • Lv: AMR level
  • Step: cumulative root-level updates
  • Counter: cumulative updates on each level
  • TimeOld, TimeNew: update this level from TimeOld to TimeNew=TimeOld+dTime
  • dTime: adopted timestep (which is the minimum timestep of all constraints)
  • Hydro_CFL: CFL condition in hydrodynamics (see DT__FLUID and DT__FLUID_INIT )
  • Hydro_Acc: gravitational acceleration in hydrodynamics (see DT__GRAVITY )
  • Data_Dump: timestep to reach the next data dump time (see OPT__OUTPUT_MODE and OUTPUT_DT )
  • End_Time: timestep to reach the simulation end time (see END_T )
  • Par_Vel: particle velocity (see DT__PARVEL and DT__PARVEL_MAX )
  • Par_Acc: particle acceleration (see DT__PARACC )
  • Sync_FaLv: timestep to synchronize with the parent level (see also DT__SYNC_PARENT_LV )
  • Sync_SonLv: timestep to help synchronize with the children level (see also DT__SYNC_CHILDREN_LV )
  • AutoRedDt: timestep reducing factor used when the program fails (see AUTO_REDUCE_DT )