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Update 3.0

Changes to Character Sheets

Feature Changes

  • The Character Creation has been completely overhauled, allowing users to start editing their characters with just one command! All details of the characters can be changed right from the new and shiny buttons!
  • We have changed how the characters are saved. In update 3.0.0, characters are not linked to a server, but to a user. That means, users can have a character that is visible in two or more servers without having to make it all over again.
    • Users can make multiple characters, from which one of it will be active globally. That means, this character will be visible from any server Aphrodisia is used in.
    • Users can also assign a different character specifically to a server, making it active locally. That means, this character will be visible only in that one server where it is set as active locally.
  • There can be other characters as will, which won't be visible to anyone anywhere. In total, a user can have up to 5 characters.

Command Changes

  • cs has been renamed to character
  • Removed addstat (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed bio (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed carousel (Severely unused)
  • Removed color (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed deletestat (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed editstat (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed image (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed import (Not needed anymore)
  • Removed swapstat (Not needed anymore)
  • Renamed new to create (Functionality incorporates most of the commands that are mentioned above)
  • Added edit
  • Added active local (Sets the active character for a server)
  • Added active global (Sets the active character for the user)

Changes to Custom GIFs

  • Custom GIFs have been renamed to Catalogue as to not suggest just one kind of use cases.
  • A category with no entries in it is automatically deleted.

Command Changes

  • cg has been renamed to catalogue.
  • Updated add command, to suggest categories to assign an entry.
  • Updated random command, to suggest categories to select from.
  • Removed category Group of commands
    • Removed category add (To create a new category, just add an entry as usual, but enter the category name that is not already being used, which is shown as an autocomplete popup)
    • Removed category delete (A category with no entries is now automatically deleted)
    • Removed category show (There is no reason to list the categories anymore now that it is visible in the other commands)