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Process for setting up a Software Carpentry (and related) workshops at NIST (If any of this is incomplete or obsolete, please edit it!)

Timing is important -- rooms may need to be booked six months in advance. Two months ahead, start creating the web page and CLC registration in order to be able to advertise a month or so before the workshop with registration enabled.

  1. Book a room at

    Things to consider:

    • conference rooms near the Gaithersburg cafeteria are better for keeping breaks relatively short
    • least confusing if the workshop is in the same room for both days
    • novice/advanced tracks mean two rooms for two full days. Book early!
  2. Line up instructors (may need to iterate with 1.)

    novice/advanced tracks mean three or four instructors minimum

  3. Set up the workshop web page:

  4. Registration

    Set up registration via your preferred platform:

  5. Advertise the course to people previously waitlisted

  6. Advertise the course to appropriate staff

    See for information on posting to [email protected] or [email protected].

  7. Contact Software Carpentry admins to get survey set up. Use survey results to determine courses.

  8. Arrange for loaner laptops.

    In MML, contact Ann Leith and Jeff Hoerl.