Advanced Installation - urban233/PySSA GitHub Wiki

Offline Environment

If no internet connection is available, download the on a computer with a working internet connection and then move the zip file to the target machine. Be aware that the WSL2 installation needs an internet connection and can therefore be not installed through the installer and must be set up beforehand. This means an installed WSL2 environment is for an offline installation a prerequisite.

Online Installation (For experts)

Go to Releases to download the only_pyssa_installer_1.0.3.exe file. This will download a setup that installs the PySSA Component Installer but does not include ColabFold and PySSA. These components will be downloaded automatically during the installation process. This installation approach could lead to errors due to an unstable internet connection. It is advised to download the full package (which includes ColabFold and PySSA) for a more reliable installation.

The PySSA Component Installer user guide is available in the installer's menu under Help. If WSL2 or ColabFold installation fails, consult the user guide and read the troubleshooting section.