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General Aesthetics

PowerSink is set deep in the ocean, around the mesopelagic/twilight zone. The light is quite dim, and most of the game uses variants of deep blues. The levels are surrounded by a murky blue void, which gets lighter at the top and darker at the bottom, as the water is too deep for the seafloor to be visible. The tram rail and supports that hold up each level fade into this void as they get further from the player. Dark fish and sharks swim around the levels, which have become shelters and feeding grounds for ocean life. The cold, dark blue is only broken by the stark yellow glow of the powerplant's lights. The game's architecture is based on 20th Century navy ships and submarines. The levels are primarily made from metal, with portholes, screws and valves being recurring visual themes. The powerplant's components were constructed for function rather than appearance, and designed to withstand high amounts of pressure. Overall, the setting's atmosphere is calming, lonely and cold, with a hint of warmth provided by the yellow glow of the lights. The metal structure of the powerplant is eerie and clinical, while the ocean around it is dark, vast and alluring.

Modelling Standards

Models produced for PowerSink should be simple and stylised, utilising large geometric shapes that are easily recognisable in the game's dark lighting.

Polycount: There is no set polycount, but you should aim for as low as possible without sacrificing detail. Blocks and other inanimate objects should be around 1000 tris or less, and no higher than 2000. Larger, more detailed models can go higher, but should stay below 10,000 tris (the diver model is 6,333 tris).

Bevelling: Where they appear, sharp (90-degree) edges should be bevelled slightly. Bevels should have only 1 division, except in large, detailed models, and typically use hard edges.

UV Unwrapping:


Texturing Standards

Resolution: All textures can be produced in 2048x2048, then resized once in unity. The standard resolution for the game is 1024x1024. Particularly large objects, such as the Cube, may used 2048x2048, while background objects such as scaffolding can use 512x512 or lower.

Maps: Each material should use a diffuse and roughness map. Normal maps should generally be avoided, except when necessary to depict screws and other 3D details. Metalness should only be used for the diver, Cube, suctions of the trap block, and spikes (The bluish metal used for most blocks is a strong steel alloy which lacks lustre).