Commands - tetrio-community/autohost Wiki

This is a list of commands that can be used in every Autohost lobby. TETR.IO staff have access to all room host commands.


Command Arguments Description
!8ball <question> Ask the Magic 8 Ball a question.
!help Shows the help message.
!host Shows who the current host is.
!queue In 1v1 mode, joins the queue.
!roll [sides] Roll a die with six (or your choice of) sides.
!rps <rock|paper|scissors> Play Rock-Paper-Scissors against Autohost.
!rules Shows the current participation rules.
!sip :serikasip:

Room moderator only

Command Arguments Description
!allow <username> Allows a player to participate, overriding the room rules.
!autostart <time in seconds> Set the autostart timer, to automatically start the game when enough players are ready.
!ban <username> Bans a player from the lobby for the remainder of the session.
!cancelstart Cancels a pending autostart.
!clearqueue Clears the 1v1 queue while keeping the current opponent and challenger.
!kick <username> Kicks a player from the lobby.
!opponent <username> Enable 1v1 mode, and sets <username> as the opponent.
!preset <preset name> Sets a preset for the game. Type !preset without any arguments to see a list.
!queueoff Disables 1v1 mode.
!set <settings> Change lobby settings. Uses the same syntax as the built-in /set command, but can be used by all lobby moderators.
!setrule <rule> <value> Sets a participation rule. Type !setrule without any arguments to see a list.
!start Starts the game.
!unallow <username> Removes a player from the allow list, subjecting them to the room rules again.
!unban <username> Unbans a previously banned player.
!unset <rule> Unsets a participation rule.

Room host only

Command Arguments Description
!code <room code> Changes the room code to an alphanumeric string of your choice. Host must be a TETR.IO Supporter.
!hostmode Toggles host mode. This temporarily gives you control over the room to change any settings you want.
!mod <username> Make another player a room moderator.
!name <room name> Change the name of the room.
!sethost <username> Transfer host privileges to another player.
!shutdown Closes the lobby.
!unmod <username> Remove room moderator from another player.

Developer only

Command Arguments Description
!disband Disbands the lobby (by kicking everyone and leaving)
!eval <javascript> Executes JavaScript in the context of the current Autohost session.
!persist Toggle persist mode for a lobby.